Friday, February 15, 2008

American on the Move

JD Conley, Director of Tandem Gallery, is taking his space on the move. From a fixed location in Birmingham's Pepper Place, he is now taking his contemporary art project on the road, with the first stop being the Pullman Flats for a show entitled PDA. Never afraid of the current, Conley has assembled an incredible exhibition featuring local, national and international artists.

The list includes Paolo Arao, Lizzi Bougatsos, Derek Cracco, Sue de Beer, Renato Garza, Emily Jacir, Dominik Lejman, Jeff Lutonsky, Martin McMurray, Bjarne Melgaard, Annie Pootoogook, Katrin Sigurdardottir, Allison Smith, Hank Willis Thomas and Erwin Wurm. Many of the artists are well known to the international art world. Cracco's works have been the subject of free speech debates, Hank Willis Thomas' Priceless has been both a lightning rod and a litmus test when installed on the facade of the Birmingham Museum of Art.

What seems clear is that, whether stationary or transitory, Conley intends for tandem gallery to be a site of critical intervention and interrogation. Clearly the artists participating in PDA understand the values of contemporary discourse in a city like Birmingham and the inherent adventurousness that allows Conley to take us on this journey.

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